Conditions Treated

Genesis Physiotherapy, providing physiotherapy in Calgary, treats the following conditions among many others.

Acute & Chronic Neck Disorders Whiplash Injuries
Sport Injuries TMJ (Jaw pains)
Carpal Tunnel Syndromes Acute & Chronic Neck Disorders
Headaches Postural Dysfunction
Rotator cuff Injuries Frozen shoulders
Shoulder Dislocations Other Shoulder disorders
Tennis Elbow Golfers Elbow
Hand Injuries Osteoarthritis of all joints
Spine Injuries Disc Injuries and Pinched nerves
Hip pains, bursitis Iliotibial Band (IT) syndrome
Pelvic pains Sacroiliac joint (SI) pains
Patellar Dislocations Tendonitis
Ligament Injuries Meniscal Injuries
Jumpers Knee Shin Splints
Ankle Sprains Plantar Fasciitis
All Fractures and Post surgeries And More…….
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